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Building a Connected Caregiving Team

By MissionCare Collective | Apr 16, 2024

Building a Connected Caregiving Team

MissionCare Collective recently met with Jennifer Boylan, Branch Manager at BrightStar Care of Fort Wayne to discuss workforce strategy in home care. She discussed how they are improving engagement, fostering connections between their field staff, and reducing turnover.



Here is the full transcript.

"CoachUp Care has been a really positive experience for us. The start up process was really smooth and Sean was of great help to our office. It has been great to further engage with our staff and for them to communicate with each other on a positive platform.

Since our launch in early February, we have had great success with our caregiver engagement. One of our caregivers even mentioned her positive experience when contacted by Home Care Pulse. Overall, it's been a really positive experience and fun to watch our staff interact with each other.

Since starting CoachUp Care, it has helped our business by improving engagement and retention. Our staff truly feel like part of the BrightStar family."