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Chief Executive Officer

Brandi Kurtyka, Co-founder and CEO of MissionCare Collective, is a distinguished expert in workforce development, home care, senior living, and the recruitment and retention of front-line healthcare workers. Leading the largest caregiver community in the nation, Kurtyka has relentlessly dedicated the past decade to advancing and uplifting the care industry. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, her unwavering mission revolves around transforming the culture of care, ensuring that it continuously improves. Driven by a deep-rooted passion and a sense of calling, Kurtyka envisions a world in which care professionals feel inspired and fulfilled, allowing patients to receive the exceptional care they deserve when and where they need it.

Key Topics

  • Envisioning the Future of Care

  • Catalyzing Growth in the Care Sector through Policy & Advocacy

  • Healthcare workforce trends, data, & insights

  • Scaling recruitment, retention, and workforce expansion

  • Uplifting & empowering the direct care workforce to provide exceptional care

  • Customized Learning Experiences & Interactive Workshops


VP, Corporate Development

Maggie Keen is a nationally recognized expert and speaker, serving home care and senior living providers across the nation. She has spent the last nine years at MissionCare Collective sharing her wealth of knowledge at premier industry events, inspiring audiences to revolutionize their recruitment and retention strategies, and think differently about elevating the people delivering care to build a brighter future for the care industry. Her unparalleled insights stem from her team's firsthand experience navigating the intricacies and challenges of the front-line labor market.

Key Topics

  • Healthcare workforce trends, data, & insights

  • Recruitment, retention, and workforce expansion

  • Decoding the Influence of Generational Poverty on the Care Workforce

  • The Voice of The Direct Care Worker Customized Learning Experiences & Interactive Workshops


Chief Revenue Officer

Brad Cohen, Chief Revenue Officer, is a seasoned executive with 20 years of expertise in organizational development and sales management. He leads the company's strategic efforts in helping senior care organizations transition their cultures for improved care delivery. Before joining MissionCare Collective, Brad was Vice President of Sales at Groupon, where he emphasized a growth and collaboration culture. He holds a Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Committed to transforming the culture of care in the senior care industry, Brad excels at driving sustainable change for enhanced caregiving experiences, making him an invaluable asset to MissionCare Collective.

Key Topics

  • Financial impact of delivering (and not delivering) care

  • Creating strategic partnerships for business expansion

  • Establishing a culture of care to drive business results


Ex. Director, Workforce Development Strategy & Operations

Nick Fischer, Executive Director of Workforce Strategy, is a renowned expert in workforce training and development with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Holding an MBA in Healthcare Management, he leverages performance analytics and policy expertise to provide solutions to his partners that deliver an increase in operational efficiency and financial performance. In his previous role with the American Red Cross, Nick successfully implemented a national CNA training program designed to cultivate a robust pipeline of students who would ultimately become CNAs employed within Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs), Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), and hospitals. Driven by a strong sense of purpose, Nick is a dedicated advocate for caregivers nationwide, striving to create clear and intentional pathways that promote sustainable livelihoods and career advancement for those in the caregiving profession. His passion and expertise make him a formidable force in enhancing the lives and careers of caregivers across the country.

Key Topics

  • Unveiling the True Socio Economic Profile of Caregivers, HHAs, and CNAs

  • Exploring Financial Barriers Hindering Workforce Entry & Solutions for Success

  • Empowering Healthcare Workers: Upward Mobility and Career Laddering

  • Healthcare workforce trends, data, & insights


Sr. Director, Product Development

With more than 15 years of leadership experience in senior living, home care and medical staffing Katie's unyielding commitment to elevating patient outcomes through technological advances and education have yielded remarkable results - from driving substantial initiatives to streamlining cumbersome processes. With her verve and enthusiasm in tow, she's pioneering the healthcare industry into a new era of possibilities that will surely benefit those in need. Katie currently resides in Birmingham, AL. She is a mom of 2 kids and currently leads the Provider Development team at MissionCare Collective serving the same providers she has had the privilege to work side by side her whole career. She is passionate about changing the culture of care for her family and the world.

Key Topics

  • Navigating the Healthcare Workforce Landscape: Trends, Data, and Perspectives

  • Mastering the Art of Recruitment, Retention, and Workforce Growth

  • Amplifying the Perspectives of Direct Care Workers


Chief Clinical Officer

Susan Wiebe, the Chief Clinical Officer of MissionCare Collective, brings a wealth of expertise as a Registered Nurse, Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, and Certified Wound Specialist. Beginning her healthcare journey as a nursing assistant while attending nursing school, Susan's professional career has grown to encompass a diverse range of roles and experiences. With over 25 years of experience in the home health industry, Susan has served as a nurse, manager, and agency administrator. This broad background has provided her with invaluable insights into the complexities of patient care within the home setting. Her extensive knowledge and dedication make Susan a highly respected leader in the field, guiding MissionCare Collective in their ongoing commitment to providing exceptional care solutions.

Key Topics

  • Fostering Employee Growth: Encouragement & Skill Development in the Care Sector

  • Addressing Caregiver Burnout: Job Rotation & Skill Expansion Strategies

  • Enhancing Communication, Problem-Solving, and Work Ethic in the Care Industry

  • Tackling Underperformance: Strategies for Administrators to Address Workforce Challenges


Director of Compliance & Strategic Initiatives

Melissa Mann, an accomplished professional in the senior care industry, brings an exceptional background as a former home care agency owner, Director of HR & Strategic Operations, and a sought-after national speaker on caregiver recruitment. Her extensive experience collaborating with leading senior care organizations across the country provides her with a unique perspective on identifying effective strategies to drive results. Melissa's passion lies in delivering outstanding results, ensuring compliance, and placing the workforce at the heart of strategic planning to reach new heights of success. Her expertise and dedication make her a pivotal force in the continuous improvement and growth of the senior care sector.

Key Topics

  • Tackling Workforce Ghosting: Causes and Solutions

  • Creative Outreach Strategies To Drive More Recruitment Callbacks

  • Crafting Standout Messaging to Attract Top Talent

  • Streamlining the Hiring Process & KPIs


Director, Implementation & Support

Sean Hohan, Director of Implementation & Support, has been a vital contributor to the organization for numerous years. Leading a team committed to engaging with thousands of direct care workers and senior care companies daily, Sean's primary goal is to optimize recruitment and retention efforts for providers across the nation. Holding an MBA in Health Care Management, Sean offers a data-driven approach to problem-solving, enabling his team and the industry to transform data into actionable insights that yield improved workforce outcomes. His expertise in healthcare management and dedication to excellence make him an invaluable asset in driving better results for the senior care sector.

Key Topics

  • Key strategies driving workforce engagement

  • Supporting & elevating the workforce to drive real results


VP, Enterprise Development

Patrick Hart serves as the VP of Enterprise Development, brings a wealth of experience as a growth-driving executive and a distinguished background as a U.S. Army veteran. His dedication to empowering others is evident in his ability to identify opportunities that enhance the reach and impact of organizations in the direct care workforce sector. With a steadfast commitment to supporting organizations that prioritize service to others, Patrick's firsthand experience in servant leadership helps strengthen our industry to grow and put people first.

Key Topics

  • Navigating the Healthcare Workforce Landscape: Trends, Data, and Perspectives

  • Mastering the Art of Recruitment, Retention, and Workforce Growth

  • Amplifying the Perspectives of Direct Care Workers