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Building A Happier & More Engaged Team Through Public Recognition

By MissionCare Collective | Jun 05, 2024

Building A Happier & More Engaged Team Through Public Recognition

MissionCare Collective recently met with Steve Zishka, CEO of BrightStar Care of Fort Wayne to discuss workforce strategy in home care. He shares how they're building an engaged and happier team through public recognition.



Here is the full transcript.

"I think the thing that I like most about the CoachUp Care solution is that it's sticky. We very quickly were able to get employees engaged and excited about it. We were having retention issues, so it was important for us to have something that the employees wanted to use. We do have a lot of technology  in our system, and as a result of all the technology of our system, adding another one was a big step. But it's turned out to be a positive for the business.

I think for us the CoachUp Care solution has allowed us to engage with our team in a way that was missing. We said thank you a lot. We had lots of programs that were designed to say thank you, but it didn't have that social aspect to it where the rest of their peers can see, what's happening for them and give them a congratulations along the way. So I think it drew our team closer together. It's been a positive for them because they're able to see that we do care, that we see that they're doing well. We're being kind of pervasive and rewarding often and that's translated into a happier team.

The engagement scores continue to grow on the CoachUp Care solution and the dashboard. So that's been great to see, we're getting people engaged or staying engaged. Lots of people commenting on each other's posts when somebody gets a set of stars, so that's positive."