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Building a Stronger Workplace Culture in 15 Minutes a Day

By MissionCare Collective | May 14, 2024

Building a Stronger Workplace Culture in 15 Minutes a Day

Here's a quick behind the scenes from our recent virtual conference. Listen to how our client, Rob Harvey with Comfort Keepers San Diego, is leveraging CoachUp Care data and automation to optimize his home care workforce while building a really cool company culture in 15 minutes per day. Retention does not equal a transactional rewards program. Retention = true connection with actionable data.



Here is the full transcript.

"All right. So Rob, I will kick it to you. And as you said, you've been using CoachUp Care for a little over eight months now and have around like 230-ish active employees in the platform. Same first question, what would you say has been the most eye opening part of using the platform? Like what Jamie said, it's the engagement. You know, we normally only talk to them for email blasts or text blasts or shifts. And that's just our only real interaction or they sometimes we do a caregiver Friday. But it wasn't, not everybody was, you know, was in that net. And then so it's just the engagement. To her point too, it lets them know that, hey, you know, we're, we're people as well, you know, to your point earlier, I tell the caregivers every week. So I meet them every week. We do have two types of clients. You take care of our clients and you are our clients. We're here to support you. I give them all my business card. I told them about CoachUp Care and it's just a way to engage and they talk to each other, you know.

I like it a lot mainly because of the data, but also too. I mean, I could post a lot of memes that just on Facebook. So, you know, I get to bother everybody else about them too but, it's just the, the data for one. I mean, the scheduling pulse, we have that engaged, uh, you know, and active and we're able to, I can send that to scheduling. I actually, I started sending out the report to them all the time. So, hey, we need people. They want our, you know, so it's just the data and the engagement is probably the biggest eye opening for me. Yeah, it's, you shared something really neat with me and we were kind of just talking about like the pyramid, right? And it's like you build the culture, you plug the holes in the bucket you fill and then you get progress, right? And you're saying like, man, I used to be that guy, right? Like I used to be that agency that was just like bringing people in and they were leaving and I felt like it was just kind of like out of my control and then like in comes, CoachUp Care and you're like just by building that framework and like taking the time up front to set that relationship. Like you said, like I give everybody my business card, I let them know we're here to serve you and empower you. Like that's super important stuff.

I think you had mentioned like you've near halved your turnover since, since starting CoachUp Care. Yeah. Yeah, super cool. So how many minutes do you or somebody on your team spend in the platform each day? Like talk to me about like when you go in there, you said the data is super important. Like what do you do when you log in?

Well, I go through, we have all the automation things set up so that makes things a little easier. But I still go in and I still engage, you know, I'm liking posts, I'm commenting on posts. So it's just not all the automations. And so now it's probably probably 15 minutes, you know, so I'm just, it's throughout the whole day, you know, might spend five here, if I'm a stoplight, five there from somewhere else in between meetings. But, you know, we just, so this is a constant thing, I guess the biggest thing was getting the team involved because they have to see that they, they have to believe as well, you know. We have a recruiter and retention specialist, but retention is everybody's job. And that's, that's the message we drive home and it's picking up and it means it's like, oh, no another thing to do. But now it's, oh, it's just easy. Now our retention is higher. That's actually less work. It might be a little more work in the set up, but it's less work in the long run. It's easier in the long run. It's more engagement, it's more fulfilling. You know, there are other ways to earn a living in this world and caregiving is not the easiest one, you know. So we need to honor, respect that and it's, it's coming together quite nicely. So awesome. Thank you for, for sharing that.


And then for you, what advice would you give to folks that are considering the platform or are already using it to maximize their results and build the community that you've built there. If you're not using it, do it. I mean, I will say that data will speak for itself. It's eye opening, the vibe surveys there. They are enlightening sometimes that in the best way, but it's if we don't know what's going on because they're not always gonna tell us what's going on, but they will tell a survey, you know. So then we take those screenshot them and then we talk about it first, we validate the concern of the caregiver and then we reach out to the caregiver and see how we can remedy it. And if you are using it, just use it more. I'm using probably maybe 60% of the features. And I can only tell I'm already what I'm using now. So I'm using the whole platform. I probably won't have to recruit anybody else for quite some time. You know, just use the platform. The software is only good if you use it."