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Engaging the Workforce in Skilled Nursing

By MissionCare Collective | May 28, 2024

Engaging the Workforce in Skilled Nursing

MissionCare Collective recently caught up with Joel Gaitan, Executive Director of ProMedica/Arden Courts of Largo, to dive deep into workforce strategy in skilled nursing. He shares how they're engaging with their staff daily and boosting staff attendance & positive customer surveys.



Here is the full transcript.

"For your staff, the ease to implement CoachUp Care was really easy. I found it really easy to manipulate, to learn and then getting staff to get on it, the more familiar we became, the easier it was to get them on board. So now we implement it to where as someone's being hired on the first or second day of the new hire process, we get them on CoachUp Care,

The most profound impact that I find CoachUp Care giving us so far is one communication, the ease of communicating with everyone. That's always been a desire as an operator to say, you know, man, I wish I can give everybody this message, but that would require having everybody's phone number and texting them all at once. CoachUp Care makes it that much easier to send out messages all at once. Being encouraging, having a positive outlook of things, our job in itself is difficult and challenging. So CoachUp Care makes it that much easier to just be able to send out positive message on a daily basis if need be.

Using CoachUp Care, I've been able to be specific in what areas we wanna impact behavior from staff. So for instance, attendance as I said before, striving to get customer positive customer responses or reports of staff also is part of that. All that's all intertwined with the rewards mechanism of the system. CoachUp Care has been great with that as well."