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Female Disruptors: Brandi Kurtyka of MissionCare Collective On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

By Brandi Kurtyka | Apr 27, 2023

Female Disruptors: Brandi Kurtyka of MissionCare Collective On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

Recently, our CEO, Brandi Kurtyka, was featured as a disruptor in the care industry. You can read the full Authority article here and below is a summary. 

Kurtyka believes that being a disruptor means challenging the status quo, asking the difficult questions, and having the courage to take a stand. She identifies three key factors necessary to shake up an industry:

  • Innovation: Kurtyka emphasized the need for creative problem-solving in the healthcare industry. She believes that innovative strategies and technology can help address the workforce crisis in the caregiving sector.
  • Persistence: Taking on entrenched systems and attitudes is no small task. Persistence, according to Kurtyka, is a non-negotiable quality for anyone hoping to effect real change in any industry.
  • Resilience: The journey of a disruptor is fraught with obstacles and setbacks. Kurtyka stressed the importance of resilience and a never-give-up attitude.

Drawing from her own experiences, Kurtyka spoke about her journey with MissionCare Collective. Operating the largest caregiving career workforce in the nation, Kurtyka has faced first-hand the workforce issues plaguing the caregiving industry. From lack of support and career development opportunities for caregivers, to systemic biases and socioeconomic disadvantages faced by the workforce, the challenges are many.

Despite the obstacles, Kurtyka remains steadfastly committed to MissionCare Collective’s mission. She champions the cause of caregivers, advocating for better wages, career development opportunities, and policy changes to improve the work environment for caregivers. She is a firm believer that a positive work environment and strong support system can not only improve the quality of care for patients, but also attract and retain a committed caregiving workforce.

The interview with Kurtyka offers valuable insights into the mindset of a disruptor and serves as an inspiration for anyone hoping to bring about change in their own industry. 


To read the full interview, visit here.