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Forging Stronger Relationships With Employees in Skilled Nursing

By MissionCare Collective | May 30, 2024

Forging Stronger Relationships With Employees in Skilled Nursing

MissionCare Collective recently sat down with Dea Cruz, Admin Services Coordinator of ProMedica/Arden Courts of Largo, to discuss engaging their workforce in skilled nursing. She shares how, with just a few minutes per day, they're engaging more of their employees and building stronger relationships between shifts.



Here is the full transcript.

"What I like most about CoachUp Care, is, you know, that it's user friendly. I'm able to get on, you know, five minutes a day and it makes such a huge impact on my employees. The AI aspect of it is great as well.

I've seen our employees connect a little bit more. I would say the best example of that would be our different shifts because we have our morning shifts and our evening shifts. You know, and sometimes without CoachUp Care, it was more of a rivalry between them. It seemed almost. And now with CoachUp Care, I think they've gotten to know each other a little bit more with the different polls and things that come out. So I think it's kind of blended them a little bit better. It's not as rough now, so that was one great aspect of the platform.

Some of the specific examples that I can give for the impact that CoachUp Care has had on the staff. You know, myself as a manager, I would say, would be, you know, the communication I'm able to do if we have a last minute move in. It's huge that I'm able to announce that and just give everyone a heads up so that when they come in, they know what to expect that they have an addition in their house. You know, if we have some company news that we need to share and we can't get a staff meeting together very quickly, you know, it's, it's great that we're able to just communicate with everyone and they're able to, you know, respond back and have feedback and, you know, ask any questions and we're able to, you know, do a one on one if need be later on.

With respect to our newsletters, I would say CoachUp Care saved us about two weeks, a month of, you know, labor of trying to get together content for a newsletter when we're just easily able to go in there and just, you know, put in the information. The AI feature is great. So if there's something that we wanna say and we can't quite find the words, you know, we just put it in there and it just generates something really beautiful to share with the staff.

We're getting a lot of feedback from the employees using their surveys and their polls. I notice even the folks that may not comment on a lot of things, they love to answer the poll questions. So you get to know them a little bit better, their likes and their dislikes and you know what kind of people they are.

I think that, you know, you have your core staff, the ones that are always gonna be here, right? That are always gonna be engaged, but you can also see the folks who may not be engaged so much. They do look, they log in, you can see them when they log in so you can see, you know, they're, they're peeking. So it just gives you an opportunity to kind of pull at them a little bit more. So I see the overall good of it. I believe in it, I love it."