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Brandi Kurtyka’s Story & Workforce Trends: HealthBiz Podcast

By MissionCare Collective | Sep 18, 2023

Brandi Kurtyka’s Story & Workforce Trends: HealthBiz Podcast

In a recent episode of the Health Biz podcast with David E. Williams, our own CEO Brandi Kurtyka shared insights from a groundbreaking study on workforce dynamics in caregiver agencies.

Here’s what the podcast covers: 

  • Brandi shares her childhood influences and ambition, which were a guidepost for not only her work in the direct care agency space, but also to understanding the challenges many caregivers face.

  • MissionCare’s Workforce Dynamics Study included some startling findings about caregiving work-related issues, including racial preferences, age discrimination and more.

  • Brandi emphasizes the need for comprehensive policy changes to address the challenges in the caregiver industry. Some of the key recommendations she discusses are Medicare reimbursement rates, supportive services for caregivers and training and credentialing.

You can listen to the podcast here


Decoding the Dilemma: New Study Unravels Challenges Fueling U.S. Home Care Workforce Shortages


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