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Heartbeats of Hospice: Soiya's Journey In Hospice Caregiving

By MissionCare Collective | Nov 01, 2023

Heartbeats of Hospice: Soiya's Journey In Hospice Caregiving

There's a light that shines in Soiya, a direct care worker in hospice care, that isn't dimmed by the challenges she faces daily. Her emotional journey provides a deep look into the heart of caregiving and the dedication required to bring warmth and love to end-of-life patients. Covered in tattoos and adorned with piercings, Soiya spends time delving into her life’s journey in care. 

From Makeup to Hospice

Soiya's path to caregiving is unconventional. From a career in makeup, working alongside a coroner, to finally taking up roles in hospice care, her transition is driven by a desire to ensure individuals receive the respect and dignity they deserve in their final moments.

For Soiya, hospice represents the opportunity to create lasting, positive memories for patients and their families, even amidst the heartache. Her perspective is centered on bringing love, kindness, and gentleness to a time that can often be viewed with sadness.

The Challenges of Hospice

However, the role is not without its challenges. From the demands of constantly being 'on' to the emotional strain and the changing landscape of the healthcare industry, Soiya is candid about the difficulties caregivers face. In the age of COVID-19, the challenges have only multiplied with shortages in essential supplies and the added pressures on healthcare workers. And yet, amidst all this, she believes that the heart of nursing remains in its ability to truly care.

Soiya's personal life, too, is marked by caregiving. With a family that includes a terminally ill child and another who is disabled, her days are a relentless cycle of care and support. To cope with burnout, she dedicates a day for herself - a day to rest, recharge, and prepare for the challenges ahead.

The Stigma of Appearance

Soiya passionately addresses the preconceived notions tied to her tattoos and piercings. She emphasizes that these superficial judgments cause society to overlook profound stories and untapped potentials. For Soiya, the antidote to these biases is engaging in open dialogue, fostering understanding, and, most importantly, allowing one's character to shine brightest.

The Heart of Caregiving

But at the core of Soiya's narrative is an indomitable spirit. Despite not feeling appreciated and juggling countless responsibilities, she remains committed to ensuring that no one feels alone in their vulnerable moments. Her message is powerful: even five intentional, genuine minutes can change a life forever. For her, caregiving is a calling, an opportunity to put one's heart on the line every day for the sake of another.

For those considering a career in care, Soiya's advice is to dive in with complete commitment. It's a challenging path, but the rewards of truly making a difference in someone's life are unparalleled. In Soiya's journey, there's a lesson for all of us: in the face of adversity, love, kindness, and dedication can bring about transformative change.

To listen to Soiya’s interview and to see more stories of the direct care workforce, explore the "One Voice. Many Stories" project published in partnership with the National Association for Home Care and Hospice.