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How a Large Home Care Company Leveraged CoachUp Care to Enhance Revenue and Relationships

By MissionCare Collective | Oct 18, 2023

How a Large Home Care Company Leveraged CoachUp Care to Enhance Revenue and Relationships

In the competitive landscape of home care, one expansive company boasting over 300 locations nationwide found themselves ensnared in a common industry conundrum: an annual staff turnover rate of 77%. This wasn't merely a statistic for them; it was a significant impediment to their growth aspirations. Their vision extended beyond mere numbers yet operationally there were hundreds of decision makers and key players to be influenced to drive change. At the heart of their mission was also the brand's reputation; they aimed to establish themselves as an employer of choice, a haven where professionals felt inspired to excel. They understood the stark reality: without a transformative shift, their revenue would plateau, forcing them to decline crucial service hours.


The organization turned to CoachUp Care, MissionCare Collective’s signature employee engagement and retention solution, to push them beyond current market limitations. This adoption was complemented with a seamless rollout strategy and the flexibility of white labeling. CoachUp Care allowed them to easily communicate with all of their employees internally or in the field and provided easy ways to recognize and reward employees for performance. They also deployed CoachUp Care’s  advanced polling and survey tool to ensure the care provider’s voice was being heard.

Key Features of the Platform


Integrated Virtual Community:
With zero requirements for new tech installations, employees were integrated into a vibrant virtual community, fostering connections with the company and colleagues.


Strategic Recognition and Rewards:
Beyond mere acknowledgments, a systematic process was established to celebrate the team. Tangible rewards not only recognized merit but also encouraged core behaviors, such as punctuality and willingness to take on extra shifts.


Voice and Feedback Channels:
The platform's advanced surveying and polling tools ensured that every caregiver's thoughts and concerns were captured and prioritized, placing them at the heart of strategic decision-making.


Workforce Insights & Alerts:
Management teams received timely alerts identifying employees at risk of disengagement. This proactive system provided guidance on the best ways to initiate and manage constructive conversations with team members contemplating departure.


Community-Driven Rollout Strategy:
By introducing the platform to offices in staggered groups, it fostered a sense of community. This empowered internal leaders to learn and adapt as they collectively embarked on a journey of cultural transformation.


Notable Outcomes

  • Marked increase in key metrics such as revenue, profitability, and NPS, paired with heightened levels of both employee and customer satisfaction.
  • A hassle-free tech experience, ensuring that field staff didn't have to grapple with complicated installations or training.
  • Daily reminders for office staff about significant milestones, coupled with insights on employee recognition, all driving a more engaged workplace.
  • A reinforced sense of belonging among caregivers, enhancing their bond with the organization and promoting long-term loyalty.



This comparative study between offices using CoachUp Care and those that weren’t painted a compelling picture - the results were clear within 90 days.

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The organization’s biggest takeaway - deploying only one or a couple features doesn’t yield the same results as the power of a comprehensive solution - community, recognition, surveys, polls, and scorecard. CoachUp Care’s end-to-end offering maximized their benefit and return on investment.

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