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How Do Employees Feel About Engagement & Recognition Technology?

By MissionCare Collective | Jun 07, 2024

How Do Employees Feel About Engagement & Recognition Technology?

MissionCare Collective recently sat down with Janet Aldridge, receptionist at ProMedica/Alden Courts of Largo to discuss being workforce engagement & recognition technology in skilled nursing. She shares how she's staying aware of her company's updates through text alerts, being recognized, and getting to know her teammates.



Here is the full transcript.

"At my age, I just turned 82 and I love learning new things. I love technology. I found CoachUp Care to be extremely easy to use. It's just laid right out there for you. There's no learning curve. It's just a fun program.

I've allowed text messages. So even if I'm off, if I get a text message that something happened on CoachUp Care, I do tend to immediately go to it because I love to see what's going on. So I pretty much use it all the time and of course, you know, when you see your name pop up that you've been recognized, of course, I'm going to it.

It's a wonderful way to communicate and it's a wonderful way for a team to get to know their teammates. Every worker has no excuse not to learn and get to know their teammates. And by doing that, you always have somebody that has your back. So I love CoachUp Care."