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Improving Communication With A Decentralized Workforce

By MissionCare Collective | Mar 26, 2024

Improving Communication With A Decentralized Workforce

MissionCare Collective recently sat down with Christy Stemm, Director of Nursing & Business Development at Home Helpers of Greater Milwaukee to discuss workforce strategy in home care. She shares the power of building community, employee engagement, and how she's transformed her workplace culture.


Here is the full transcript

"Hi, this is Christy Stemm from Home Helpers of Greater Milwaukee. I just wanted to give a huge shout out to CoachUp Care. CoachUp Care has been a great game changer for us here at our office. It's really helped us with improved communication with our caregivers and being able to recognize all of their hard work and efforts. It's got great metrics in it. It's just a wonderful platform, very user friendly and we really just can't say enough about it. We just recently integrated also with WellSky and this has really helped us save some time in just getting new people onboarded.

One of the things our team says is how easy CoachUp Care is to use. The application is great to use, our caregivers really appreciate the recognition that we're giving them. I think it's wonderful to be able to write on the BravoBoard. All the wonderful stories and things that we hear from our clients that are happening in the home and then share that back out to the team as a whole. Everybody is enjoying seeing those stories in person and then also getting that recognition and turning that into rewards.

CoachUp Care has really helped our Home Helpers office here be able to appropriately and easily communicate with our team members and to really recognize and highlight all of their hard work and efforts. It's also helped us as a business to be able to retain our team members. We have over 95% of our team members participating on the platform at any given time. I love being able to look back at the metrics and see how they're engaged. Are they doing the surveys? I mean, their feedback really does matter to us. And then we are able to take that feedback that we're getting from these surveys and make any adjustments within our office. And, you know, as a community here that we need to, to continue to retain our hard working caregivers."