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Innovating Recruitment & Retention in Senior Living

By MissionCare Collective | Mar 18, 2024

Innovating Recruitment & Retention in Senior Living

In the face of unprecedented staffing challenges within the senior living industry, the recent article by Jim Nelson, "Staffing Solutions: Recruiting and Retention Can’t Be the Same Old, Same Old," offers a timely exploration of the strategies needed to navigate these complex issues. With insights from industry experts, including MissionCare Collective's CEO, Brandi Kurtyka, the piece emphasizes the necessity for innovative approaches to attract and retain a dedicated workforce amidst a rapidly growing senior population.

Kurtyka points out the critical need for creating a new pipeline of young caregivers to address the increasing demand. In fact, younger generations are one of seven caregiver personas in a national study of 67K care workers. Highlighting the importance of meeting potential employees where they are, the article underscores the role of social media and mobile-friendly application processes in engaging the younger workforce. The focus shifts from traditional recruitment methods to proactive, creative engagement strategies that resonate with Millennials and Gen Z.

The article also touches on the broader perspective of treating employees with respect and valuing their contributions, suggesting that such a shift in focus is not only a moral imperative but a strategic advantage in staff retention. “We’re seeing significant increases in not only employee satisfaction, eNPS, and engagement by providers that implement a CoachUp Care virtual community, but we’re also seeing a substantial increase of profit on the bottom line,” adds Kurtyka. 

At MissionCare Collective, we're committed to helping senior living providers tackle these workforce challenges head-on. Our approach aligns with the insights shared in Nelson's article, emphasizing the importance of innovative strategies in recruiting and retaining a passionate, dedicated care team.

To delve deeper into these groundbreaking strategies and how they're being implemented across the industry, read the full article.