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Inspiring Key Behaviors To Grow a Home Care Business

By MissionCare Collective | Apr 25, 2024

Inspiring Key Behaviors To Grow a Home Care Business

MissionCare Collective recently sat down with Christie Castro, CEO of HomeWell Care Services Sarasota to discuss workforce strategy in home care. She shares how they are inspiring their team to pick up additional shifts, reinforcing company culture, and driving behaviors that they want to see to move their business forward, like clocking in on-time and completing additional trainings.



Here is the full transcript.

" What I love most about CoachUp Care is that we are able to utilize it like a social media platform that is controlled by my internal team. We are able to give the caregivers incentives, which rewards good behavior. But they are all able to see those rewards being passed around to the ones who are clocking in on time, completing their trainings, picking up extra shifts, confirming their weekend shifts, all those extra things, other caregivers are able to see and see "Oh if Jill is getting recognized, I wanna be recognized next." The other thing that we're able to do is we're able to have a banter back and forth with our caregivers and control the tone and keep it positive and keep it light. I like that my nurse is able to give training videos. So we are using it much like Facebook for caregivers. However, because the platform is ours, we're able to control the messaging and that is the biggest part of the advantage.

Culture, culture, culture, that is what we start preaching on day one. And in orientation, we spend a significant amount of time talking about what a home world hero is, what they represent. And we utilize CoachUp Care to continually convey this message on a weekly basis to our team. So it is one of the most important ways to engage them in our company culture. And we utilize CoachUp Care to ensure that if the ones who are truly buying into our culture are being rewarded on a regular basis.

What CoachUp Care has done for me is it has encouraged my core team to continually pick up additional shifts and encourage people to see what others are getting rewarded for and try to emulate that behavior. So we are using it more to convey, look at how great Jill is doing. Don't you want to be like Jill? Um we do have some people who log into the system and they think it's fantastic and you know, they'll call into the office and say, how do I get recognized? How do I get points? And I believe that over time as we continue to build our core team members, that it's going to really be an asset for retention over time."