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New report reveals caregivers’ greatest needs: Training, education, resources

By MissionCare Collective | Oct 13, 2023

New report reveals caregivers’ greatest needs: Training, education, resources

A joint study from the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) and MissionCare Collective has unveiled the challenges direct care workers face daily, including low wages, racism, and insufficient training.

You can read the full McKnight’s Home Care article here and below is a summary. 

Brandi Kurtyka, CEO of MissionCare Collective, stressed the need for industry insiders and policymakers to truly comprehend these workers' experiences to effect meaningful change.

Titled “One Voice, Many Stories,” the project provides actionable recommendations for both providers and policymakers. Providers are advised to establish pathways for better wages based on skills and experience, and make full-time positions more attainable. For policymakers, suggestions range from wage enhancement, extended employee benefits to essential supportive services like transportation and childcare.

Interestingly, for many caregivers, their role is seen less as a job and more as a calling. The quest for better wages isn't about accumulating wealth but about being able to continue their passion while managing living expenses.

A striking 70% of direct care workers expressed a desire for enhanced training. In response, MissionCare and NAHC advocate for personalized training programs that delve deeper into the nuances of a caregiver's role. Policymakers are urged to introduce standardized frameworks for assessing worker competency and to invest more in direct care education.

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