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Home Care Turnover: Live Podcast With BrightStar Care

By Brandi Kurtyka | Aug 21, 2023

Home Care Turnover: Live Podcast With BrightStar Care

In a recent McKnights podcast episode, CEO of MissionCare Collective, Brandi Kurtyka, and SVP at BrightStar Care, Leslie Waddell,  discussed the prevalent and timely topic of home care turnover.

The two experts shared their insights on the causes of high turnover in the home care industry, as well as some strategies for reducing it.

Causes of High Turnover

  • Isolation: Home care professionals often work alone, which can lead to feelings of isolation and burnout.
  • Transactional relationships: Home care workers often report their boss as the scheduler and are disconnected from the company 
  • Lack of sufficient hours: Inability to get the hours needed to make ends meet from one company 
  • Economic impact of the pandemic: The economic impact of the pandemic has made it more difficult for home care agencies to compete for talent.

Strategies for Reducing Turnover

  • Post-hire engagement and connection: It is not enough to simply recruit good employees. Agencies must also focus on engaging and retaining them.
  • Nurture genuine human relationships: Home care is a personal business, and it is important for agencies to nurture genuine human relationships with their employees.
  • Adopt a retention framework:  Create a virtual community and engage your team beyond a transactional relationship 

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Join the Movement to Reverse the Turnover Trend

High turnover is not beneficial for anyone. It is costly for agencies, and it can lead to poor quality of care for patients. Want to join a collective movement to reduce turnover that inspires your team? Check out CoachUp Care, the platform mentioned in the podcast that has decreased turnover, increased revenue, and increased morale for the BrightStar Care Network.