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myCNAjobs Proves Most Effective in Caregiver Retention, Analysis Shows

By MissionCare Collective | Apr 17, 2024

myCNAjobs Proves Most Effective in Caregiver Retention, Analysis Shows

In a recent comprehensive analysis conducted by a prominent home care provider with over 300 offices nationwide, myCNAjobs emerged as the top recruitment channel for caregiver retention. The study focused on the retention rates of caregivers at 30, 60, and 90 days post-hire and found that candidates hired through myCNAjobs were significantly more likely to remain with the company compared to those sourced from other job boards.

Specifically, myCNAjobs hires were 20% more likely to be retained at the 60-day mark and 24% more likely at 90 days than their counterparts from platforms like Indeed. This data is particularly revealing at a time when the home care industry faces critical workforce shortages and the quality of hiring is more crucial than ever.

Retention in home care is not just a metric to improve cost efficiency; it directly influences the continuity and quality of care received by clients. Frequent turnover can disrupt care continuity, affecting client satisfaction and outcomes. By hiring caregivers who are more likely to stay longer, providers can ensure a more stable and reliable service, which translates into higher client trust and better care standards.

This analysis underscores the importance of not only attracting but also retaining quality talent in the caregiving sector. With the ongoing challenges of staffing in home care, choosing the right recruitment channel is paramount. By focusing on platforms that yield higher retention rates, home care agencies can mitigate the impact of industry-wide labor shortages, reduce hiring and training costs, and maintain a committed and experienced workforce.



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