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How Paradox & myCNAjobs Drive Improved Recruitment Results

By MissionCare Collective | Dec 01, 2023

How Paradox & myCNAjobs Drive Improved Recruitment Results

Companies hiring a high volume of direct care workers face a significant challenge; recruiting in an environment with too few candidates that can often earn more money in an outside profession.  Many organizations struggle with low hire rates and the ability to connect quickly with candidates that requires a speed-to-connect with a human touch directly impacts if a resume has the opportunity to turn into a working hire.

Innovative Solution: Paradox and myCNAjobs

As highlighted in a recent webinar, the Paradox and myCNAjobs collaboration creates a unique "Conversational Hiring" approach. This recruitment methodology blends technology with a personal touch, catering to the desires of the direct care workforce for meaningful connections and efficient hiring processes.

How it works: 

  • Candidates apply via myCNAjobs
  • Candidates are immediately synced to Paradox
  • Paradox automates an immediate conversation via text to ask additional screening questions and swiftly move candidates through the process, including scheduling an interview 

This approach reduces candidate wait times and helps ensure that candidates meeting key pre-screening requirements are quickly scheduled for an interview. 

The Power of Collaboration

The power partnership couples the ability to reach a unique and vast network of candidates in the myCNAjobs community with technology that leads to faster hiring, less work for recruiters, and reduced candidate drop-off rates.

Outcomes and Benefits

The Paradox and myCNAjobs collaboration has led to:

  • Increased Workforce Capacity: Organizations are now able to make more hires and deliver more care
  • Operational Savings: Streamlined hiring processes result in significant cost reductions and time savings 

To learn more about myCNAjobs or enabling the Paradox integration, schedule a meeting here.