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Putting People At the Heart of Recruitment: A Vodcast with Stephanie Henson

By MissionCare Collective | May 24, 2023

Putting People At the Heart of Recruitment: A Vodcast with Stephanie Henson

In a recent vodcast, Stephanie Henson, the owner and founder of Angels at Home based in Macon, GA, offered valuable insights into effective caregiver recruitment. Stephanie, an eight-year member of myCNAjobs—a MissionCare Collective company, emphasized the significance of treating prospective hires as valued team members and recognizing their vital role in healthcare.



Stephanie delved into her recruitment strategies, focusing on the specifics of caregiver roles and nurturing a personal bond between the caregiver and client. She detailed how she tailors job advertisements to attract the right applicants for each role.

A key component of her approach is her recruiter—a former caregiver—who adeptly establishes a rapport with potential hires and communicates the compassionate ethos of the company.
Stephanie encouraged other home care agency owners to cultivate a work environment that values and appreciates caregivers. She believes this not only attracts quality talent, but also promotes employee retention. Moreover, she emphasized the effectiveness of a referral system that rewards existing caregivers for bringing in potential employees.

Stephanie's people-first approach, fostering trust and personal relationships, is the bedrock of her recruitment success.

To follow Stephanie's example and enhance your recruitment success, click here to connect with myCNAjobs.