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Revolutionizing Caregiver Retention: A Webinar Recap with Amada

By MissionCare Collective | Jul 31, 2023

Revolutionizing Caregiver Retention: A Webinar Recap with Amada

Navigating the complex world of caregiving is no small feat, as Jenny Novy, an Amada franchise owner, can attest. In a recent webinar hosted by MissionCare Collective, she recounted her journey of managing a caregiving workforce during the challenging times of the pandemic and thereafter. 

When the pandemic struck, Jenny explains how she lost about a third of their employees. Faced with a dual challenge of maintaining her current workforce morale while also attracting new staff. In her search for solutions, Jenny guided her team to implement CoachUp Care, a tool developed by MissionCare Collective, to help transform an internal culture to help employees feel more connected and engaged. 

Leveraging a recommended 15-minute per day engagement framework, Jenny started to see a promising change. Within four months, 92% of Jenny's employees were engaged. What's more?  Turnover decreased by 12X!  "We took a big initiative to educate our caregivers about the benefits of belonging," Novy states. 

Jenny's story is an inspiring testament to investing in the workforce. She led the transformation of her culture by not only implementing a new solution, but a framework for her team to follow that would set the business up for continued growth to deliver more care.  During the webinar, Jenny shares more on how she achieved these impressive results.  

If you'd like to learn more about the 15-minute per day framework and CoachUp Care, visit CoachUp Care or watch the webinar recap.